Emerging artist, Gillian Fleming, commenced a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Ulster, Belfast, specialising in ceramics. Drawn to exploring various media and experimenting with different processes and techniques, her work continued to develop, producing work using ceramics, glass and metal. Stimulated by research, analysis and experiments, Gillian began to challenge the boundaries of these materials. Whilst her degree specialised in ceramics, Gillian took advantage of the kiln facilities, investigating the properties of glass and its transition temperatures to a fluid state. Graduating in July 2013, she then wishes to pursue a Masters of Art, specialising in Glass.

Artist Statement

My work uses porcelain paperclay, glass and metal, to create abstract, non functional sculptural forms. Created as a series of work, the shape of these small, delicate, mixed media forms has derived from inspiration of sedimentary rock, found in natural landscapes both in Ireland and abroad. Constructed in layers like strata, their curved contours echo the irregular formation of bedrock.

I am also influenced by stalactite formations, tracking and suspended from roof canopies of limestone caves. Challenging the viscous properties of glass, my work experiments with its fluidity and path of flow. Possessing a resemblance to how the growth of stalactites begin to form between cracks and crevices, I explore how glass seeps between small apertures. By coiling, weaving and lacing strips of copper and hand making hollow porcelain paperclay structures, I create forms through which the glass can pour.

I control the kiln environment to manipulate the fluidity of the glass, creating both the appearance of slow moving forms and frozen thread like droplets. Transformed through a spontaneous metamorphosis state, each form is unique.

Responding to the materials, my work continues to evolve and push their boundaries. Encouraging the glass to stretch into thin strands, whilst maintaining strength to support the weight of the metal above, I seek to exploit its duality of strength and fragility. Its smooth tactile qualities creates conflict for the audience between the desire to touch and knowledge of its brittle state.


2010 - 2013





BA Honours Contemporary Applied Arts. University of Ulster, Belfast

Bronze Foundry Apprenticeship, Millfield Foundry, Belfast

Glass Course with Karl Harron, University of Ulster, Belfast

Ceramics Course with Trevor Woods, Stranmillis University College, Belfast

A Level Art and Design. Antrim Grammar School, Antrim


2010 - 2013

2008 - 2010

2008 - 2010

2006 - 2008

BA Honours Contemporary Applied Arts.(Graduation July 2013)

A Level Art & Design. Placed First in Northern Ireland, achieving 100%, A*

A Level English Literature (A) and History (B)

GCSE Art & Design, A*





Degree Show, University of Ulster, Belfast

Contemporary Applied Arts, University of Ulster, Belfast

Hillsborough Castle, Hillsborough

Collections and Community Art Work


2009 Aug

2008 Aug

2007 Dec

Glass Sculpture, Private Collection, Dublin

Mural, Northcott Shopping Centre

Subway Mural, New Mossley, Newtownabbey

Mural, Northern Ireland Children's Hospice